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Tourism from SAWAImenu

Yasaka-jinja Shrine        1.2km

◯Headquarters nationwide of approximately 2,300 corporate of Gion branch corporate.
◯Gion Festival is one of the three biggest festivals in Japan.
◯Built more than 1300 years ago.
More than 70 events a year.
◯Enshrine the god of plague, beauty, and marriage.
◯Famous as a power spot.
◯Enjoy the seasonal scenery.

Heian Jingu Shrine         2.7km

◯Enshrine the deity of two pillars of Emperor Kan-mu and Enperor Komei.
◯1895 builded the shrine , 1100 years from the relocation of Heian City.
◯Every October hold the Jidai Festival of 3 major festivals of Kyoto .
◯The number of events is over 30 per year, and there are three festivals each month.
◯Japanese style wedding hall of enshrine the god of marriage and strongest power spot in Kansai.

Kyomizu-dera Temple       1.5km

◯Registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as ancient city Kyoto Cultural Property.
◯It is very precious temple in Kyoto and one of the most famous Kannon centers in Japan with a few 1200 years of history.
◯The Otoha waterfall has benefits of good encounter, economic fortune, Career advancement and be awarded a baby.
◯The main hall is made of 139 pillars with that never used any nails.

Gozan Okuri-bi (Daimonji Festival) 5.5km

◯Kukai changed to Daimonji the light released by Amitabha Buddha in the early Heian period.
◯Ignition is every year August 16, at pm 8 of Bon Festival's next day and It deliver again spirits to realm of the dead.
◯Own and disease name write on pieces of wood of Goma and burn at the altar, ingest powder of charcoal is as the disease will heal.
◯Can be seen spot capital letter by the Kamogawa embankment.

Kinkaku-ji Temple          7.7km

◯It was from 1224 to 1408, it was the center of Kitayama culture of Japan.
◯A gold leaf of 10 cm square is used about 100 thousand sheets, gross weight about 2 kg.
◯Wooden three stories building of the castle.
◯The garden is so beautifully famous and Japanese important cultural asset.
◯The scenery seen while walking around the building facing the pond is famous for its superb view.


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4-320 Miyagawa-suji, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-city,
KYOTO .605-0801, JAPAN
TEL,FAX .075-205-5408