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SAWAI history and buildingmenu

 Sawai is a very old Machiya of Kyoto.
It is inferred that in fact it was builed before that because there are already registered in the register in 1897 Meiji.
There are shops, residences, etc. in the Machiya of Kyoto, but this building is a Machiya which was operating a Chaya in a Hanamachi.
Like other Machiya, there is garden into the aisle and appearance of frontage is a narrow, furthermore there a fire box in traditional Japanese lantern.
Characteristic as a building of Chaya, there the hidden stairway for escape in case of emergency, have other a mechanism like a manual elevator that delivers tea etc. from the kitchen to the room so as not to match the face with the guests.
Also, social dance is held in the hall on the first floor, and a beautiful rotating glass window reminiscent of that time.
Predecessor lady general, Sachiko Tsuchiya who was called a mother was Machiya refurbish to inn.
But there are many places that feels the good old figure of the Machiya at that time and it feels tasteful. The tructures of pillars keep building firmly more than 130 years.
According to the carpenter, the construction method of the building has the same way as the old temple in Kyoto, and it seems that it is made to shake the shock moderately to shake such as an earthquake.
Actually, the building was shaking like a small boat by the typhoon of the other day.
The beginning of the Showa era, when predecessor lady general was young, the back of this inn is sandy land of the tributary of the Kamogawa, water is approaching to the immediate vicinity, there is big lanterns around the place, the small boats anchored.
At that time, when see this scenery from a distance, there was a history that this building looked like a big passenger ship hanging red lantern floating on the river.



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